The shortage of neurohospitalists places significant demand on hospitals to efficiently deliver inpatient neurology care. Teleneurology is one of the means that can provide cost-effective care when an in-person consultation is not available. Our neurohospitalists can conduct live video consultations that allow for rapid patient assessment and treatment plan development.

SAGE neurohospitalists can manage scheduled as well as emergent patient needs. Our rapid response times, typically less than five minutes, for patients in the emergency department or on the hospital ward provide for timely evaluation and immediate treatment with the goal of improving patient outcomes. Our clinical goals are tied to response time as we know timely treatment and can directly affect appropriate intervention, outcomes, total cost of care, and patient satisfaction.

Working with onsite healthcare professionals, the SAGE neurohospitalist will guide any required physical exam and obtaining of clinical data to provide the clinician with the information needed to fully evaluate the patient. Following the assessment, the neurohospitalist will provide orders to direct patient care that can then be carried out by hospital staff. The live video consultation facilitates the real-time evaluation of the patient’s condition when it is not routinely available.

SAGE teleneurology services are provided exclusively by physician’s employed by SAGE NeuroHospitalist Medical Group. SAGE neurohospitalists employ the same clinical guidelines used for in person consultations with all teleneurology patient encounters.