SAGE recruits, develops, and manages neurohospitalists specifically for your hospital. Our experience allows us to identify physician candidates with extensive expertise in providing high quality inpatient neurology care. As a provider of neurohospitalists, SAGE retains physicians that are familiar with and abide by the state of the art national clinical practice guidelines to manage the acute, critical care and emergent needs of your patients. Clinical knowledge and skills are married with excellent bedside manner to ensure the optimal experience for the community you serve.

Our recruitment and selection process also evaluates candidates that are well suited to your hospital environment and patient population. We retain highly motivated and astute neurologists that always seek to provide the most compassionate and cost-effective care intended to establish a culture of excellence that is aligned with your hospital’s philosophy and goals. SAGE neurohospitalists have the interpersonal skills that facilitate coordination and collaboration throughout your organization.

Physician satisfaction is also a crucial aspect of our long-term management philosophy. We provide ongoing education and training and other resources to ensure your neurologists are up-to-date with their knowledge and skills so they can be productive in both the short- and long-term. Our goal is to provide the physician with an environment that sustains their long range retention.

With SAGE, hospitals are engaged via contract with our physician group which increases accountability with our locally based staff. We will work with you to deliver the highest quality care for your patients, and we will be held accountable for the services we deliver.