About Sage Neuro

SAGE NeuroHospitalist Management Group is at the forefront of transforming inpatient neurology solutions for patients and hospitals. SAGE provides comprehensive, high quality inpatient neurohospitalist and teleneurology services, as well as neurology consulting services to hospitals to help enhance care delivery and further their respective missions.

The need for neurology services has never been greater in America. As the incidence of brain disorders linked to aging, such as stroke and neurodegenerative disorders soars, the number of neurologists available to treat and manage those suffering from brain disorders is severely inadequate. Today’s shortfall of 11% will jump to 19% by 2025, and will have a profound impact as more patients enter the healthcare system with insurance in 2014. SAGE is committed to solving this insufficiency.

The aging baby boom generation is placing stress on many healthcare resources, especially neurology as 1 in 6 Americans are now affected by neurological disease. Healthcare providers must therefore develop efficient models for healthcare delivery and SAGE is the ideal and only partner to help develop those solutions with our three core services.

  • Neurohospitalists: we provide the highest quality acute care neurohospitalists to serve within your hospital.
  • Teleneurology: our neurohospitalists can also provide on-demand and routine consultations enabled with state of the art telemedicine technology.
  • Consulting Services: our staff can help you develop your comprehensive neurology program to meet the needs of your patient population.

SAGE can help your organization identify opportunities for improving efficient delivery of neurology patient care as well as development of new neurology specialty inpatient services to enhance your market offerings and grow hospital revenues. From the ground up, or somewhere in between, we can assist with developing and managing a program customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.